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5 Auto Accident Types Explained

When it comes to auto accidents, there are many classifications which can impact the claim and investigation process of your personal injury case. By bringing more awareness to the public about the different types of accidents, it can help to reduce injuries and fatalities for all. As an auto accident attorney from Ward & Ward Law Firm offers, if you or someone you care about was injured in an auto accident recently, you may want to get help from a lawyer for further guidance as your claim is being handled. For now, here we have outlined the distinguishing factors between accidents. 

#1 Vehicle Rollover

When a truck or car (usually a van or SUV), gets flipped onto its side, lands on its roof, or gets tumbled several times, it can cause the occupants inside to get stuck inside or ejected from the vehicle. In accidents like these there is often not enough time to react, and the injuries that result are serious. These incidents have a higher risk of fatalities, but if drivers and passengers used their seatbelt, the survival rate is much higher for those involved.

#2 Head-On Collision

If you are driving in the northern direction on the road and another car traveling south crosses the median and heads straight for you, this is considered a head-on collision. The other car has lost control and they may or may not swerve to avoid the crash. While it can be difficult to make that split second decision in the moment, the best evasive step is for you to veer to the right, which may give the other driver enough space to prevent a direct head-on collision.

#3 Multiple Car Crash

Another serious traffic accident are ones that involve multiple cars, usually three or more in a single event. Pileups may range from minor to massive property damage, severe injuries, confusion, and fatalities. How you were part of this accident will depend on where you were located at the time, which drivers collided first, and how closely the cars were driving near each other.

#4 T-Bone Accident

The most dangerous accident you may be a part of is a T-bone. This is when one car crashes head-on into the side of another vehicle. This creates a “T” effect. It isn’t uncommon for injuries like broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and fatalities to occur. Because these crashes are sudden and virtually unavoidable for the impacted car who may or may not see the first car coming, the best defense is to keep your seatbelt on at all times. 

#5 Sideswipe Collision

Whether you are driving on a highway or country road, driving right next to another car can be risky. Any distraction for either driver may cause them to drift out of their lane and into another. Sideswipe collisions can result in minor scrapes or a harsh blow that causes you to lose control of your vehicle. You can help prevent these crashes by steering clear of yours and the other driver’s blind spots, and observing when others are driving riskily close to the lane divider.