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Massage Therapy

Have you been living with chronic muscle pain that is resistant to treatment? In addition to traditional chiropractic services involving adjustments and the use of modern technology to treat this type of pain, we also offer an array of massage therapy services as an alternative solution for pain relief.

Deep Tissue Massage Hollywood, FL

Simply taking a muscle relaxer or pain medication can offer some temporary respite from the pain, but without addressing the true cause of the muscle pain, the likelihood that it will return is quite high.

Our doctor is an authority in the field of massage therapy as well as chiropractic treatment, and our team can isolate the problem and use massage techniques to address your problem. The types of massage we use all have benefits, the primary being to free you from the pain that is keeping you from leading a healthy lifestyle.

Deep Tissue Massage

Do massages help? There are numerous deep tissue massage benefits, including relief from chronic muscle pain, rehabilitation from injury, and numerous others, ranging from increased mobility to better posture to help with repetitive stress injuries and even sciatica.

Deep tissue massage works by breaking up adhesions and scar tissue in the muscle and fascia, which can cause loss of mobility and inflammation as well as pain. Through the process of “stripping,” a process of applying pressure along the muscle fibres, and “friction,” in which the massage therapist goes against the grain of the muscle, the knots are released and with them goes the pain and tissue damage.

What sets deep tissue massage apart from other types of massage is that this technique involves applying pressure to the deepest parts of the muscle, tendons and fascia, both reducing stress and releasing the biochemicals oxytocin and serotonin, which have a calming effect. The stress reduction in addition to the skilled manipulation of the muscles gives this massage benefits to the patient that other massage techniques do not have.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage Miami Gardens, FL

In addition to deep tissue massage, our massage therapists offer therapeutic massage techniques. Some people think that all therapeutic massages must be deep tissue massages that reach the core of the muscles, but this is not the case in every situation.

Therapeutic massage is any targeted massage technique that aids in all-natural pain relief. This type of massage can address trigger points, injuries from muscle strain or sports activities, and other neuromuscular issues.

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