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Physical Rehabilitation

Have you been prescribed physical rehabilitation after an injury or surgery or for pain management? Our team not only offers help in the areas of alternative treatment plans, but we also have a fully equipped physical rehabilitation centre to bring you mobility and freedom from pain.

Physical Therapy Treatment Hollywood, FL

Our doctor and staff are trained experts in the field of pain relief, and with a background in chiropractic care. They have the ability to treat the whole patient, not just assign an isolated regimen of exercises, allowing for more comprehensive analysis and treatment.

With their extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and its form and functions, our team can create a physical rehabilitation plan that addresses the body as a whole and fixes the true source of your pain.

Physical Therapy Treatment

What is physical therapy? Physical therapy teaches corrective exercises that help improve one's range of motion or decrease pain. The advantage offered by our clinic is found in the capable hands of our doctor and staff. In addition to the exercise plan, our team can help you with therapeutic massage and a full array of chiropractic services. If you have tendonitis, a sprain in a ligament or tears in a muscle, you need more than just an exercise regimen.

Likewise, if you are suffering from neck pain, hip pain, or shoulder pain, this could be an alignment issue, not just an area needing physical rehabilitation through exercise. Our team generates a plan based on your specific needs and uses their expertise to address the exact causes of your pain or lack of mobility and employ massage or chiropractic adjustments to correct it.

Physical Rehabilitation Center Miami Gardens, FL

Physical Rehabilitation Center

Why should you choose our physical rehabilitation center over some other facility? Ask any of our clients; this is more than just a building, it is a place of healing staffed by people who care about making you well.

The moment you step inside our offices, you are greeted by people who care about you and want the best for your health so you can enjoy your life.

You will never feel like just an appointment here - our team engages you from the beginning with a conversation about how we can best serve you and alleviate the pain that brought you to us.

Our physical rehabilitation and pain management plans go beyond following a prescribed course of treatment and engage you as a complete person. Contact us for a consultation so we can get you back to the healthy lifestyle you enjoyed before injury, surgery, or pain robbed you of those moments.

If you need physical rehabilitation in Miami, Hollywood, Miami Gardens, Hialeah, Coral Gables, or any city in Miami-Dade County, call us at (305) 705-0777 to schedule an appointment.