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Your First Visit to Our Miami Practice

New patient filling out paperwork

When you first arrive there will be some brief paperwork to complete.

On your first visit, you will be asked to provide us with some basic information about you and your health concerns. Rest assured your information will be kept confidential and private. If you have insurance you will need your health insurance card and driver’s license with you. If you do not just bring us some form of picture identification. At that point you will be inserted in our system and you will be given a computer to guide you through our patient application process. Once you have filled out the application you will be given a tour of our office.

Our office is very unique and different even compared to other chiropractors so this will show you the basics of our office and give you a better understanding of what we do.

After this short tour you will be taken to the doctors office for your pre-consult. At this time you will speak with the doctor about your heath concerns.

The next step is the consultation which is the examination itself. This consists of Postural Examination, Orthopedic Examination, Neurological Examination, Physical Examination and A Specific Spinal Examination will be performed. If necessary X-rays will be performed on site. At this point the doctor will begin to review your case to see if you can be helped.

Your initial visit takes 60-90 minutes.

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