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Car Accident Injury

In addition to the vehicle damage and the economic impact, a car accident injury can take time to manifest and require extensive intervention, including pain relief treatment. Truck or motorcycle accidents can be even more serious, due to the amount of force that the body absorbs during the accident.

While it is always a blessing to walk away from a car accident, there are often serious complications to the musculoskeletal system that must be addressed to bring the patient back to a full state of health. That is where our office can help; treating the deep-seated injuries that affect the core of your body.

While it is easy enough to get a check for a totalled car and begin a new one, you cannot do that with your body - we only have the one, and it is in your best interest to seek the best natural all-around care that you can receive following any vehicle-related injury.

Car Accident Injury Doctor

What to do after a car accident? Seeking help immediately can minimize the effects of waiting to treat what could be serious tissue damage or alignment problems. Initially, you may not feel the effects of the accident. Conditions like whiplash, joint and muscle damage or spinal damage can take time to manifest, occasionally a matter of days. During this time, the tissue has already suffered the damage but is taking time to communicate that to the brain.

Our doctor can assess the severity of injuries early enough to develop an aggressive treatment protocol to ensure that the damage to your body is treated as quickly as possible. The types of injuries resulting from the traumatic tissue damage lend themselves to the all-natural treatment options you will find at the hands of our trained professionals.

Treatment for Car Accidents

Auto Injury Chiropractor Miami Gardens, FL

What is the most important thing to treat in the wake of an auto, truck or motorcycle accident? The answer is simple - the entire patient. Simply applying a neck brace and taking tons of medication to get pain relief is not the best course of action when seeking treatment.

You want a plan that addresses you as a whole person. Because of the nature of these injuries, there could be nerve as well as muscular and skeletal damage, so an assessment of your entire body is necessary, not just localized treatment of the areas that are manifesting the pain. Our team will assess you as a person, not just as an appointment with symptoms, and treat you accordingly.

In addition to our excellent traditional chiropractic service, we offer other natural approaches to help relieve your pain, which include Hako-Med therapy, spinal decompression, and PEMF therapy. There are plenty of options out there if you are hurt, but the level of respect for our doctor command in the field of physical medicine makes us a good choice for the top of your list.

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