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Knee Pain

If severe knee pain is getting serious enough to interfere with your daily life, it’s time to assess your options. Regenerative medicine helps heal sore knees at the source with little downtime. It’s all-natural pain relief.

Consider the alternatives: Surgery isn’t right for all knee joint pain. It’s a drastic measure with prolonged downtime. Anti-inflammatory drugs have well-documented side-effects. And we all know the danger of opioid pain medication. Regenerative therapy is shown to help bolster bone and tissue at the cellular level, helping your knee to heal itself.

What Causes Knee Pain?

Chronic Knee Pain Relief Hollywood, FL

Aside from direct injury, chronic knee pain comes from years of wear and tear. Knee cartilage wears down, causing bones to rub together. Joints stiffen and make movement painful and difficult. Symptoms range from redness and tenderness to severe discomfort when doing certain activities like bending, jumping, climbing stairs or kneeling.

Knee pain symptoms and causes include:

Torn meniscus. The c-shaped meniscus cartilage, located between the thigh bone (femur) and shin bone (tibia), deteriorates with age. This makes tears more likely, even with relatively simple movements. You may notice this cartilage moving oddly inside the kneecap.

Injury to knee ligaments. The two most common types of knee joint pain involve tears to the ligaments that maintain joint alignment. An MCL tear affects ligaments that limit sideways motion. An ACL tear affects ligaments that keep forward and backward movement in check.

Runner’s knee. Known as patellar chondromalacia, it’s caused by wear and tear or repetitive joint stress. Over time it weakens knee muscles, causing kneecap misalignment. You may feel grinding, tenderness, and severe pain when climbing stairs.

Bursitis. If you have knee pain when bending or kneeling, it may be related to swelling of the bursa. These fluid-filled sacs cushion bones can become inflamed. Bursitis symptoms are especially pronounced when you climb stairs.

Knee tendonitis. This is another source of severe knee pain when kneeling. It also makes jumping painful. It is caused by overusing the tendon responsible for straightening the knee. Other symptoms include a more limited range of motion.

Water on the knee. Also called knee effusion, this excess joint fluid comes from repeated tissue injuries, overweight and osteoarthritis. Left untreated, it can weaken leg muscles and increase the risk of falls.

Non-Surgical Treatment for Knees Miami Gardens, FL

Pain behind the knee. A tear in the back of the meniscus can cause pain in the back of the knee. Another cause is a swelling condition called Baker’s cyst, which mainly affects women over 40. This is often a side effect of water on the knee.

Knee Pain Relief

Since much knee pain is caused by inflammation and joint wear, it makes sense to build up those areas. We do it at the cellular level with regenerative tissue cell therapy. Specifically, our doctors use mesenchymal stem cells, derived from donated umbilical cords. The cords contain Wharton’s jelly-derived stem cells and other agents programmed to heal. This makes them a good option for people who want to avoid arthroscopic surgery and drugs.

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