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Neuropathy pain is a result of nerve damage, which can cause multiple complications. Since your body is not getting the correct information through pain receptors, blisters and sores can form and worsen and cause systemic infection. When you add to this the fact that nearly all patients with neuropathy in the feet also have lower back issues, it becomes readily apparent how serious the disease is.

Neuropathy symptoms vary and become quite serious when the damage spreads to motor nerves and those that control bodily functions like glands and organs. While the condition is serious and can affect the overall quality of life, it is absolutely treatable, and often with all-natural medicine approaches. A consultation with our professionals can determine how we can best help you regain the peace and freedom from pain you once had.

What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

Peripheral Neuropathy Relief Hollywood, FL

Neuropathy affects the way that nerve messages are transmitted from other parts of the body to the brain and spinal cord. This is called peripheral neuropathy. It most often manifests in problems with the arms and legs. If you have neuropathy in the hands or feet, this can drastically impact your quality of life. With the condition comes impaired muscle movement, lack of sensation, or intense pain.

Additionally, nearly all patients with peripheral neuropathy in the feet also have back pain issues. This is where our team of professionals can help. With an all-natural approach, we can address the nerve problems by introducing natural treatment options that help you heal without surgery or harmful medications.

Non-Surgical Treatment for Neuropathy Miami Gardens, FL

Neuropathy Treatment

Neuropathy is incredibly disruptive because so much of what happens in your body happens because of the communication your peripheral nerves have with the brain.

When the lines of nerves, called dermatomes, are disrupted due to damage to the nerve tissue, there are few means of treating the problem that is natural.

We provide chiropractic care and a wide range of other treatment options for Neuropathy that does not include surgery or medications.

Causes of Neuropathy

What causes neuropathy? Neuropathic complications can be hereditary, result from repetitive stress injuries, be related to symptoms of diabetes, or have causes ranging from auto-immune responses in which the body attacks its own nerve tissue, or problems exacerbated by alcoholism, poor nutrition or other diseases. Often, inflammation due to the body attacking the nervous system is the root cause, however, and this type of problem lends itself to the all-natural approaches we use.

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