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Slip & Fall Injury

A slip & fall injury can be extremely painful and incredibly serious. The pain resulting from a slip or fall injury can be chronic and intense, and be a result of damage to the spine and the natural alignment of your body.

Treatments for Slip and Fall Injuries Hollywood, FL

In addition to muscle strain, you may have bruised ribs, neck injuries, or pain on your right side after a fall. Medication can help you deal with the pain, but cannot address the underlying causes, which are a result of tissue damage or knocking your body out of alignment.

Our doctor specializes in treating pain resulting from slip and fall injuries and will design a plan that addresses whatever injury or pain you come to us with.

Slip & Fall Injury Treatment

What to do when you slip and fall? Get evaluated by a professional. Our team will assess the nature of the injury and the tissue damage and proceed with a course of treatment that will address your particular injury. The doctor may decide that chiropractic adjustment is needed to restore your spine and body to alignment and relieve your back or neck pain, but that is not always the case. Sometimes further treatment is needed.

If it is not an alignment issue or if an adjustment is not enough to relieve the pain, our clinic has other options for you. In a neck or back injury from a fall, there may be extensive damage to tissues or nerves.

Other treatment options our doctors use for pain relief like Hako-Med therapy, spinal decompression and PEMF therapy are available according to the specific injury that is causing you pain and loss of mobility.

Common Injuries After A Slip and Fall Miami Gardens County, FL

Common Injuries After A Slip and Fall

Most falls catch us completely by surprise, so your mind has no time to have your body react to cushion the impact.

Whether you are falling backwards or down the stairs, and whether you have a back injury, shoulder injury or broken tailbone, your body suffers from the tremendous blunt force of the fall. Problems can include neck and back pain, pain that radiates down your side, and other deep neuromuscular problems, including torn or strained ligaments and tendons.

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