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Revolutionizing Knee Pain Relief: Renowned Pain Specialist Andrew Bloch Brings His Unique, Holistic Approach to South Florida

Many people suffer with chronic and debilitating arthritic knee pain.

There are many protocols that address this issue; but most involve some type of injection and PM therapy; and often result in surgical intervention. Recently we were introduced to a system which combines Western Structural with Eastern Energetic Philosophy; and we have been seeing very positive results.

Andrew Bloch just moved back to the south Florida area. Andrew is the creator of his own pain relieving systems; an author and an educator who has worked with professional athletes from the NBA, NFL, PGA, WWE. His system has been featured in the Washington Post, ABC, and NBC. Best of all, Andrew is now locally working with us to make a huge difference in relieving knee pain.

Andrew’s approach is bit different than traditional rehab programs.

There’s a reason why many treatments fail to deliver lasting relief. Most experts take a Get better - Feel better approach which requires weeks, often months worth of vigorous therapy to correct muscular and structural imbalances that developed over many years.

Many people never even get to the “feel better” part.

Andrew prefers the motto: Feel better - Get better.

What to Expect From Andrew’s Method:

One of the main differences of the Feel Better - Get Better method is that treatment is not administered to the local area only. Andrew’s system works with the whole body, not just the local area. There are multiple Unique Treatment Options which will be chosen based on your individualized needs.

The results have been extremely positive. You should expect to feel the difference immediately following the first session.

Using the latest advances and proven techniques, Andrew will provide you an integrated approach, combining pain management, arthritis treatment and modern holistic medicine.

If you are having knee pain of any kind especially if you have been diagnosed with Knee OA; please reach out to Andrew directly at 305-788-7961 and schedule a consultation. He will help you determine if his program is a match for you.

Mention Aventura Wellness and Rehab, and he will be offering a special introductory fee.