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The Causes, Compensation & Injuries of Motorcycle Accidents


FAQ: The Causes, Compensation & Injuries of Motorcycle Accidents


There are many reasons a motorcycle accident can happen. A vehicle driver must be on the lookout for any motorcyclist at all times. State and local governments are also held accountable for maintaining roadways, and that streets are in a safe condition for all travelers. It is a community group effort to help keep motorcyclists safe as we share the road with them. Here we cover the causes, compensation and common injuries associated with motorcycle accidents.


What are Common Causes of Motorcycle Collisions?

The most common causes of motorcyclist collisions can be due to any of the following:


  1. Distracted car and/or truck drivers
  2. Drivers are distracted by cell phones or other passengers
  3. The driver was not paying attention, and did not see a motorcycle riding next to or near their car
  4. Rain, fog or heavy winds can impair motorcyclists
  5. Hazards in the road
  6. Defects in road conditions including potholes, debris or sharp curves


What Injuries May I Face During a Motorcycle Accident?

When a car driver practices unsafe driving habits, they can be seriously putting motorcyclists on the road at risk. Cars have a protective metal shield around the driver’s body that can acts as a barrier if a crash were to happen. Unfortunately, motorcyclists do not have this luxury, so they are already vulnerable just by getting onto their bike. If you were to be hit while on a motorcycle, your injuries can range from any or a combination of the following:


–       Head injury or traumatic brain injury (TBI)

–       Road rash

–       Damage to the muscles

–       Biker’s arm (nerve damage to motorcyclist upper extremities)

–       Leg fractures

–       Internal bleeding

–       Lacerations

–       Bruising

–       Skull fracture


If I Feel Fine After an Accident, Should I seek a Chiropractor?


Even if you are able to walk away feeling okay after a motorcycle accident, it is highly encouraged you see a chiropractor. During accidents, our body can respond by being in a state of shock with a flood of adrenalyn. When this happens, injuries can be hidden and disguised, not being felt until much later on once we have calmed down. If you eventually decide to take the offending driver to court over compensation for your injuries, it will look suspicious if you waited to get medical attention. It is in your best interest to make sure your health is taken care of. Speak with an experienced lawyer right away such as the motorcycle accident lawyer Henderson NV locals turn to.


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