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Do’s And Don’ts Of Sports Injuries

Sports Injury Therapy

No matter your level of activity with sports you are probably well aware of the many injuries associated with the different sports you play. It is easy to get hurt while playing sports because of all the movement in your body. All it takes is one misstep and you could end up seriously hurt while running. Sure there are things you can do to prevent sports injuries but no matter what you do, they do happen.

Knowing what you should and shouldn’t do after a sports injury can help prevent you from worse injuries. 

Do: Get Your Injury Treated Immediately

The moment you know about an injury is the moment you have to search for medical treatment. It is in your best interest to get checked by a doctor right away. Sports injuries may feel minor at first. Adrenaline is the body’s way of making you unaware of how serious your injury may be at the time it happens. Don’t wait to see if the pain will go away on its own. The earlier you treat the injury the faster you recover. 

Don’t: Try to Treat on Your Own 

There are so many blogs, videos, and articles out there about how to treat injuries at home. This is tempting but skipping the doctor’s office is only going to hurt you further. Keep in mind that some of the information on the internet could be flawed and make the situation worse. You could easily end up making things worse by treating at home because of these articles. Only your doctor will have access to the technology and expertise that can help you understand your injury and what the best treatment is for you is. 

Do: Be Mindful About Swelling or Numbness 

Even if you have been to the doctor and they have told you it is nothing to worry about, you should keep an eye out for any signs of swelling, tingling, or numbness. Swelling can lead to further injuries and is also a sign of an underlying issue. Numbness could be pointing towards a problem with your nerves or muscles. While ti can be nothing to worry about, alerting your doctor about these new advancements is important. Once they know you your treatment plan can be altered to suit your injury better. 

Don’t: Push Yourself Too Hard Too Early 

No matter how important the game coming up is, it is not good to push your luck. You could hurt yourself all over again, and maybe even worse if you do. Ideally, you should use the time your doctor recommended you rest before you start rehabilitation. Rest and rehabilitation are two of the best remedies for most sports injuries. While the exercises may hurt at first, the pain shouldn’t be unbearable. If during your rehabilitation it is too unbearable, alert your doctor and find another way to work out your injury without hurting yourself. 

Sports injury therapy is important and a team, like LeMonie Physical Therapy, understands just what it takes to ensure you recover safely.